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When the Covid 19 pandemic hit and all the theatres were boarded up and closed, the world of the performing arts as I knew it came to a halt. I found solace and inspiration in my kitchen. My flat and kitchen became a safe space; a place to express myself and slowly be creative again: I turned to baking bread. 


How could three ingredients - flour, water and salt - create something so delicious? This fascination grew into a passion and one that I wanted to share. At a time when we were all so physically separated, I longed to connect with people again. 


I turned to my local community and started offering sourdough and pastries on the weekends. If there is one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that food sparks joy! It brought my whole neighbourhood together and thanks to their support I now run my own little micro-bakery - Lara’s Bakery. I will never forget what my grandmother said at her 90th birthday - the biggest impact can be made when you keep it local.


I have the need to communicate, be it through music, theatre or baking for my local community at Lara’s Bakery. It is an essential and ever expanding part of my life.

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